The Lone Sailor Memorial
in Norfolk, Virginia

The Lone Sailor memorial in Norfolk, Virginia was put in place to memorialize all the ships home-ported in that Navy town who lost sailors at sea in the line of duty.  These pictures were taken shortly after the memorial's completion and prior to it's dedication.

The memorial park is directly beside the US Battleship USS Wisconsin (BB-64) in downtown Norfolk.   

The life size bronze sailor stands with his seabag looking toward the ocean hoping to one day see his fallen shipmates again.

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Behind the Lone Sailor are plaques from 7 ships based out of Norfolk as well as a plaque for those lost in the Pentagon on 9/11.


Click the thumb-nails below to view full size pictures of the plaques.

The Pentagon
USS Iowa
USS Newport News
USS Nimitz
USS Liberty
USS Scorpion
USS Forrestal
USS Cole


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