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USS IOWA Email Listing

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Email listings for 1940's shipmates

Last Name First Name Division Era Onboard
Abbott Roger ET 1940's
Akers Vernon D. Eng 1940's
Akers Vernon D. Eng 1940's
Andre Larry 0 1940's
Archer John H. Midn 1940's
Artman Paul Ship Ban 1940's
Artman Paul Band 1940's
Auld Truman supply 1940's
Austin Ken CR 1940's
Bain Ronald O. 1st 1940's
Barnes Harry FM 1940's
Barnes Harry H FM 1940's
Barnes Harry F M 1940's
Barrera Alfred 5th 1940's
Bayer   CR 1940's
Bayer Sam CR 1940's
Beam Clarence 5th 1940's
Beatty Denis 3rd 1940's
Beaupre Armand S 1940's
Bebb Russell R. N 1940's
Bernstein Philip yeoman 1940's
Bleecker Rosalee HonMem 1940's
Blewett William DC 1940's
Bower Victor V-12 1940's
Branham Robert Flag 1940's
Breland Bilbo S 1940's
Brennecke Charles N. N,M&ET 1940's
Bristow William (Bill) E. 5th 1940's
Broderick Richard H first 1940's
Broderick Richard first 1940's
Brook Vernon Hospital 1940's
Brooks Alvin 1st 1940's
Brooks Alvin 3rd &1st 1940's
Buono Nicholas CS 1940's
Caiazzo John R 1940's
Carruthers James 8 1940's
Carruthers James 8th 1940's
Casmaer Fred 7th Flt 1940's
Catt Jackie L. B 1940's
Chiappinelli Paul ---- 1940's
Chocklett Luther R 1940's
Chrisman George Flag 1940's
Chryst Adam none 1940's
Cilea Stephen A.   1940's
CLEVELAND Thomas W. 2ND 1940's
Clymer F. Kermit FM 1940's
Collins Oliver Not Sure 1940's
Collins C.W."Tom" EX 1940's
Concannon Leslie XO 1940's
Conrad Harry H 1940's
Crist Joseph   1940's
Crowell William EX 1940's
Crowley John FM 1940's
Curtis Raymond R 1940's
Daniel Jack Flag(G) 1940's
Davis Lloyd 6th 1940's
Davis Lloyd 6 1940's
Davis Lloyd 6th 1940's
Dedic Lee Robert E div. 1940's
Delzangle Edward Medic 1940's
Dittman Robert R 1940's
Dombroski Walter 2nd 1940's
Donlon John FA 1940's
Dowdall John C. Third 1940's
Duncan Ken C. 3rd 1940's
Dunnaway Hilton   1940's
Eaton Carl 7th 1940's
Ebel II Albert FM 1940's
Ethington Jack 3 1940's
Fairweather Matthew A. E 1940's
Falk Byron FA 1940's
Fleury Raymond   1940's
Fokos Mike 1st 1940's
Forbes Elmer D 5th 1940's
Fowler Paul S 1940's
Freeman Ernest boatman 1940's
Fyatwkz Fyatwkz None 1940's
Gallinaro Frank BB-60 1940's
Garland Robert 2nd 1940's
Geiser Dan V 1940's
Giannetta Thomas Radio 1940's
Gibson Harold GM 1940's
Gifford James H. E & S 1940's
Glad Edward 4th 1940's
GOFF GENE M 1940's
Goodman Ralph A 1940's
Graham Joe Drones 1940's
Granitsas James Wt/3 1940's
Green Fredrick Allen EX 1940's
Grimes Frank D. 8 1940's
Gronek Edward J. 1st 1940's
Grubb Harvey 3rd 1940's
guilfoy edward CR 1940's
Guilfoy Edward CR 1940's
Hart Robert M 1940's
Hart Robert M 1940's
Hart Robert M 1940's
Hartman Harry R 1940's
Heffernan John Deck 1940's
Henderson George H Marine 1940's
Hennessey John 6TH 1940's
HENRY IRA 5TH 1940's
Heye William CR 1940's
Hicks Durwood 2nd 1940's
Hicks Robert C. E 1940's
Higgins Sr. John 6th 1940's
Hillenbrand George 1st 1940's
Hills Jack 8th 1940's
hopkins john go by georg 4th 1940's
Hoss Stephen F. 6th 1940's
Hoy Duwaine B 1940's
huber wm.(bill) 4 1940's
Hurmence Robert 3rd 1940's
Hussey Arthur FA 1940's
Hyde Harold CT 1940's
Hyde Harold CT 1940's
Ivey Donald A. USMC 1940's
James Ernest FA 1940's
Jennings Donald Yomen 1940's
John O'Neil 4 1940's
Johnson Gustav N 1940's
Jones Bill CS 1940's
Kane Allan EX 1940's
Kavanagh John 6th 1940's
Kelly Richard N. Mardet 1940's
Kennedy Edward 2nd 1940's
Kidd Eugene 8th 1940's
Killian Michael Midn. 1940's
King Wallace 2nd 1940's
Kintz William 6th 1940's
kline roy william radio 1940's
Kling Charles CR 1940's
Knadler Abner C. E 1940's
Knadler A.C. E 1940's
Korpolinski Pat other 1940's
kotarski stanley f.m. 1940's
Kowalak John 1st. 1940's
Krick Robert 7th 1940's
Kukaka Thomas 5th 1940's
Lear Thomas FA 1940's
Lee Andrew FM 1940's
Lewis Amos 7th 1940's




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2.  Use of this list is authorized only for individual shipmates to contact each other.  Mass E-mailings (defined as Email addressed to 5 or more of the members contained on this list) is not authorized unless first approved by the Association Web-Master and breaches several United States Laws.
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