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USS IOWA Email Listing

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Email listings for Last Names 
from the letter "F" to the letter "J"

Last Name First Name Division Era Onboard
Fabian Anthony M/GM 1980's
Fabino Mark B 1980's
Fabino Mar, Engineer 1980's
Faillace Salvatore 8th 1950's
Fairweather Matthew A. E 1940's
Falk Byron FA 1940's
Farmer LeRoy 4th 1950's
Farmer LeRoy 4th 1950's
Farnsworth Charlotte    
Fast Jonathan MARDET 1980's
faughn richard 1st/4th 1980's
Faulk Larry 7th 1980's
Fayard Robert S-2 1950's
Fears James FA 1980's
Fedinetz John R 1980's
felch neal g-1 1980's
Felch Neal G-1 1980's
Ferguson Stephen M 1980's
Ferguson Stephen M 1980's
Ferguson Mel Chaplain 1980's
Fernau Marion B 1950's
Ferral George G1 1980's
Fiedler Peter Deck 1980's
Fields Samuel F. M 1980's
fields dave OC 1980's
Filipiak Carl OE 1950's
Fink Paul FA 1950's
Fisher Daniel 2ND 1980's
Flaherty James 7th 1950's
Fleener Eddie S-3 1980's
Flemming Tobias 7th 1950's
Fleury Raymond   1940's
Flick Gregory Chaplain 1980's
Fliedner Edward S5 1980's
Flockhart Michael Engineer 1980's
Floerke Greg G2 1980's
Flores Marcus Mardet 1980's
Flores John M. 4th 1980's
Flores Marcus MarDet 1980's
Flournoy Timothy M/Repair 1980's
Flynn Dennis OPS 1980's
fnwaus fnwaus KWJcECPY  
Fobbs James GM 1980's
Fokos Mike 1st 1940's
foley denise&tyrone navy 1980's
Forbes Elmer D 5th 1940's
Ford Richard B 1980's
Fortney Jody OI 1980's
Fowler James M 1950's
Fowler Paul S 1940's
fowler james m 1950's
Fox Richard B 1980's
Fox Rick B 1980's
Fox David R 1980's
Frakes Randy E 1980's
France Thomas A 1950's
Franco Joseph OI 1980's
Franco Joseph OI 1980's
Fraser Gilbert A., LCDR ComO 1950's
Frazier Ross Midn 1950's
Frazier Roy G-1/G-2 1980's
Frederick Paul S-2 1980's
Freeman Ernest boatman 1940's
Freeman Ernest boatman 1950's
Freeth William 2nd 1950's
Frod Frod   1980's
Frome Robert mardet 1980's
frost paul gm 1980's
Frost Jack Nav 1980's
Frye Bill A-Gang 1980's
Fugate Chuck H 1980's
Fulcher Chuck G-4 1980's
Fulcher Chuck G-4 1980's
Fulcher Chuck G-4 1980's
Fullerton George E 1950's
Funderburg Andrew OT 1980's
Funk Albert & Maria 1st/MAA 1980's
Furrer Mark A-Gang 1980's
Fusco John E 1980's
Fusco John E 1980's
Fyatwkz Fyatwkz None 1940's
Gabor Jay X 1950's
Gaggiotti Raymond B/EBO2 1980's
Gaines Kevin B-Div 1980's
Gainey Greaion H 1980's
Gallagher Sean 2nd 1980's
Gallinaro Frank BB-60 1940's
gantt kyle a 1950's
Garcia Larry NAV 1980's
Gardner Emery FA 1950's
Garland Robert 2nd 1940's
Garlitz Joe A-Gang 1980's
Garrett Spencer G1/G2 1980's
Garrido Raymond E 1980's
Gasmin Eddie E 1980's
Gatton James S-2 1980's
Gatton James S-2 1980's
Gause Jimmy 2nd 1950's
gause jimmy 2nd 1950's
gause jimmy 2nd 1950's
gause jimmy 2nd 1950's
Geer Rich OI 1980's
Geiger Steve LTJG 1980's
Geiser Dan V 1940's
Geisler Scott MarDet 1980's
Geisler scott MarDet 1980's
Gentry Gregory R 1980's
Gentry Gregory R 1980's
Geoghegan John M 1980's
Geoghegan John M 1980's
Gerard Kenneth E. FM 1950's
Gerard Kenneth E. FM 1950's
Geribo Jerry 1st 1950's
Germani Jr Peter CR 1950's
Gero Mark FM 1980's
ggfzosnugb ggfzosnugb XTZVuIrU  
Ghormley William Ken OA 1980's
Giannetta Thomas Radio 1940's
Gibson Harold GM 1940's
Gibson Rex S-1 1980's
Gifford James H. E & S 1940's
Gilbert Green III G1/G3 1980's
Gildersleeve Ron 2nd 1980's
Gill Charles BM 1980's
Gilliland Bob M 1980's
giordano william 2 1980's
Giovenco Louis (CHIEF GIO) EMO1 1980's
Girkin Bruce B 1980's
Given Dan FM/MAA 1980's
Glad Edward 4th 1940's
Glasheen Leo E 1950's
glynn joseph eng/r 1980's
GMCM (SW) Fulcher Charles G4 1980's
Gneckow Gerald Capt 1980's
Gneckow Gerald Capt 1980's
Godlen Phillip 3rd 1980's
Goeltzenleuchter Daniel GM 1980's
GOFF GENE M 1940's
Goforth Brad PAO 1980's
Golden Phillip 3rd 1980's
Gomez Paul FM 1950's


USS IOWA Email List Disclaimers

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2.  Use of this list is authorized only for individual shipmates to contact each other.  Mass E-mailings (defined as Email addressed to 5 or more of the members contained on this list) is not authorized unless first approved by the Association Web-Master and breaches several United States Laws.
3.  Furthermore, This list may not be used to contact the Crew of IOWA for any legal reasons.



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