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USS IOWA Email Listing

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Email listings for Last Names 
from the letter "P" to the letter "S"

Last Name First Name Division Era Onboard
Pace Chris E 1980's
Pace Anthony OI 1980's
Pace Denzil (Ray) QMC Nan 1950's
Pacheco Michael 5th Boat 1980's
Pacura Daniel H 1980's
Padgett Richard E 1980's
Pagliaro Joseph E FMF 5th 1940's
Painter C. Jerry E 1980's
Palmer Richard O. Eng 1940's
Palmiere Martin E 1980's
Panula John OR 1950's
Parker Paul E. S-4 1980's
parker Bernie Gm 1980's
Parker Kenneth Dental 1980's
parnell dock E 1940's
Parris Thomas Deck 1980's
Parris Thomas Deck 1980's
Partridge William OI K 1950's
Partridge Wm. Stan K & OI 1950's
Pascoe Harry Nav 1940's
pasgenski benjamin 7th 1940's
Pasgenski Benjamin 7th 1940's
Pasquale Joe/ olympia 8th usmc 1940's
Pasquale Joe 8th 1940's
patacconi theodore eb03 1980's
Patacconi Theodore BT 1980's
Patnaude W BOSN 1980's
patnaude wilfred bosn 1980's
Patnaude W. Bos'n 1980's
Patrisso Edward CR 1940's
Patten Guy Midshipm 1950's
Patterson Earl marine d 1950's
Pbfonynw Pbfonynw None 1980's
Peabody John n/a 1950's
pearson pearson gunner 1940's
Pearson Eddie E 1980's
Peck Edward E 1980's
Peddicord Tim G1 1980's
Pellet James N 1950's
Pellicciotti Dominic A 1980's
Penuel Clifton L. E 1940's
percival joe E 1980's
Peredina John 3rd 1940's
Perini Steven Medical 1980's
Perozze Joseph G-4 1980's
Perritt Charles B 1950's
persinger james gunnery 1980's
Peters Otto R 1950's
PETERS John D NAV 1950's
Peterson Richard FA 1980's
Peterson Christian FM 1980's
Petrin Dan 4th 1980's
Petrola Jim C 1950's
Petteys Hal E 1980's
Pfeifle III Raymond FA 1980's
Philip Staton B/EB-14 1980's
Phillips C H R 1940's
Phillips Georgia R 1940's
Phistry James E 1980's
Piccolomini Colombo EX 1950's
Pieczynski Henry 4th 1950's
pierce jeff X1 1980's
Pilkerton Richard M 1980's
Pitkin Blaine OS 1980's
Pittman Ross CS 1950's
Pohlman Robert RPV 1980's
pokorny James g-1 1980's
Pokorny James g-1 1980's
pokorny (pokie) james G-1 1980's
Polk Chris 3rd / OI 1980's
Pollitt Bob B 1950's
Porter Ronald S1 1980's
Porter Ronald OR 1950's
Porter Robert G. MAA 1980's
Porter Larry OS 1980's
potter timothy B-Div 1980's
Potter Tim B 1980's
Powell Miles Radar 1940's
Powell George R 1950's
Powelson Robert E 1940's
premselaar Joel V 1940's
preston lawrence 2nd 1980's
Prewett Perry CR 1950's
Price Vernon Michael B 1980's
Price /Mother of M. Price Peggy GMG 1980's
Price(GMG3 Matthew Price) Peggy (mother) n/a ASFMBR
Prince Antoine Cayden 1940's
Probst Jeffrey FM 1980's
Proctor Leonard 1st 1980's
prokopis michael FM 1980's
Prokopis Michel FM 1980's
Prokopis Michael FM 1980's
Provencal George OE 1950's
provost stephen postal 1980's
Prozac Prozac None  
Pruitt William E 1950's
Pullen Curtis 2nd/X2 1980's
pullen mark oi 1980's
pwktddblg pwktddblg dBocjcIS  
Quereau Frank 2nd 1980's
Quinn John X1 1980's
Rabey Ronald FA 1950's
Racsumberger John OC 1980's
Radice Michael B 1940's
Ragsdale Frank L. A 1950's
Rainey Edward S 1950's
Rainey Edward S 1950's
ramires charles 6th div 1950's
Ramires CHARLES 6TH DIV. 1950's
Randall T.J. 4th 1980's
Rappe' Elmer E 1940's
Ratajski Daniel (Rat) S-3 1980's
Rathbun Roger B 1980's
Rathbun Bob OC 1980's
Ratkovic Cameron E 1950's
Ray Wayne T 1940's
Ray Wayne T 1940's
reddish richard et 1980's
Reddish Richard ET 1950's
Rediger Mark OE 1980's
reece ernie A 1980's
Reece Ernie A 1980's
reece enrie A 1980's
reed richard G-2 1980's
Reed Charles A 1950's
Reel Robert R 1950's
Rees Warren Ex 1940's
Reese Kennith 2nd 1950's
Reese Roy B 1980's
REESE ROY EB-03 1980's
Reese Ernie A 1980's
Reifonas Richard R 1980's
Reilly Mike R 1980's
Reilly Rich OI 1980's
Reilly Rich OI 1980's
Reinard William R 1980's
Reisinger Larry OI 1980's
reiter michael deck 1980's
reiter mike 4th 1980's
Remon Jose E 1980's
Remy John S-3/MS 1980's
renaux rob (OZZY) B div 1980's
Renwick Sidney Ist Div. 1980's
Reppert Bryan MarDet 1980's
Reves Ansel 1st 1940's
reyes gerardo 2nd 1980's
Reyna AJ OA 1980's
Reynolds Walter 3rd, 2nd 1980's
Reynolds John S-1 1980's
Rhoads Doug 4th 1980's
Rhoads Doug Deck 1980's
Rhoads Doug Deck 1980's
Rice Bill OI,6th,3 1980's
Rich Gene EX 1950's
Rich Rich None 1940's
Richards Robert (Bob) EX 1950's
Richards Robert (Bob) FM 1950's
Richards Robert (Bob) EX 1950's
Richardson David GM 1980's
Richardson Walter E 1950's
Richmond Stanley 1st 1980's
Richter Robert FM 1950's
Richter Robert FM 1950's
Rick Hindman Admin 1980's
Rickens Robert OC 1980's
rider john nav 1980's
Riley Cecil os 1950's
Ritchey Dean 1st 1980's
Roache Richard FM 1980's
ROBERT DURFEE 2nd 1980's
Robert Stephens B 1980's
Roberts Allan Mardet 1980's
Roberts Jon M. MarDet 1980's
ROBERTSON Allen M 1950's
Robin Joe Cale 1980's
Robinson Stanley 1st 1980's
Robinson Alan FA 1980's
Robinson Rick R 1980's
roche richard gunery 1950's
Rochford Carl G4 1980's
Rodgers Lawrence legal 1980's
Rodgers Duane OC 1980's
Rodriguez Stephen R-Div 1980's
Rogers Colin OI/OZ 1980's
Rogers Michael Marine 1980's
Rogers William S2 1980's
Rogers Briant M 1980's
Rolph Steve S3 / S5 1980's
Rolph Steve S-3/S-5 1980's
Rolph Steve S-3/S-5 1980's
Rolph (Updated May 2011) Steve S3-S5 1980's
Roman Florenino B 1980's
Romancheck Michael Capt Off 1940's
Romett David S4 1980's
Roos Robert OS 1950's
Rosa John SH 1980's
Rose GLENWOOD 7 1950's
Rose Edward K. h 1940's
Rosenthal Charlie Fox 1950's
Ross wayne GM 1980's
ross mike gm 1980's
Rowell Gene E 1980's
Rowley David 2nd 1950's
Royland Bob MarDet 1980's
Royster Bryant Deck 1950's
Roz Roz None 1980's
Rozkuszka Joseph B 1950's
Rozzelle James E. CR 1940's
Rubink Kevin DECK 1980's
Rubink Gerald Admin 1980's
Ruddell Howard W Deck 1940's
Rudy Orduno R 1980's
Rupprecht Mark GM 1980's
Russell Dale 0I 1980's
Russell Lloyd Engineer 1940's
Russo Joseph S2 1950's
Russo Stephen FA 1980's
Rutenber Mark 4th 1980's
Rutenber Mark 3rd/4th 1980's
Rutledge Kenneth 2nd 1980's
Ryals Michael IC 1980's
Ryals Michael Engineer 1980's
Ryan Jim Fox 1980's
Ryan Christopher 2nd 1980's
Ryan Donald H 1950's
Ryan Donald H 1950's
Ryle Tom E 1980's
S T.J. R Divisi 1980's
Sabar Danilo S-2 1980's
Saez Michael M 1980's
Sahr John A 1980's
Salcedo Samuel Paul 1st 1980's
salensky rich e 1980's
Salensky Rich E 1980's
sales dave x 1940's
Sam Sam    
Sanchez Tony FM 1980's
Sandstrom Eric B 1980's
sandstrom Eric b 1980's
Sandwisch Gordon CR 1950's
Sandwisch Gordon CR 1950's


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3.  Furthermore, This list may not be used to contact the Crew of IOWA for any legal reasons.


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