In 1859, Pat Mclaughlin and Peter O”Reilly discovered gold, and Henry Comstock conned them into thinking that the land they claimed was his ranch. So a partnership was established by all three…AND THE BOOM BEGAN… All tolled, over a billion dollars (by 1859 standards) of precious ore was taken from the ground and 600 million board feet of lumber from the Lake Tahoe Basin was used. At the peak of its glory, Virginia City was a boisterous, exciting town of over  30,000…then the largest town west of St. Louis! Shakespeare, newspapers, saloons, operas, famous stars, opium dens, gold, silver, wealth, affluence – Virginia City had it all!’s much smaller now, but the flavor of the Comstock still remains along boardwalk main street, saloons like the “Bucket of Blood,” gift and antique shops, restored mansions, mine tours, trolley rides around town to see Pipers Opera House, china town, the cemetery with the unusual headstones. Virginia City is history standing atop a mountain. You will learn much of the history enroute and they you’ll be given time on your own to browse along the boardwalk, perhaps visit Gramma’s Fudge Factory, a restored mansion or learn why they call if the ‘Suicide Table’ at the Delta Saloon and restaurant..where you will have lunch. $45.00 per person

This magnificent tour begins with an escorted, narrated tour to Lake Tahoe where you will board the new M.S. Dixie for a cruise on the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe. This Evening Cruise is a romantic evening of dining and dancing as the paddlewheeler takes you around Emerald Bay beneath a magnificent Lake Tahoe sunset. Dinner is served in two seatings and includes a choice of the Dixie’s famous charbroiled New York steak or seafood entrée, served with all the trimmings and an unlimited amount of California wine throughout the meal. An intimate cocktail lounge and live music for your dancing pleasure or a walk on the promenade deck complete your evening cruise. $80.00 per person.

At the beginning of the 19th century, many parties of explorers arrived in Nevada. Their reports of extreme hardship discouraged many from attempting to settle until the lure of silver and gold overcame the fears of the prospectors and they arrived to find their fortune – however most remained to populate the cemeteries of the mining camps. The farmers and ranchers arrived in the 1850’s to establish themselves in the new land and among the most successful of the homesteaders were the Basque people of the Spanish and French Pyrenees. They brought with them respect for the land, a tradition of hard work and a cultural heritage which continues to influence Nevada to this day. We will begin today with a driving tour along Franktown Road, see some fantastic ranch style homes located at the food of the mountains and they tour on into Carson City – we will drive along mansion row and see the old mansions as well as the Governor’s Mansion. A stop will be made at the Nevada State Museum for a look at some of the history of this Battleborn State and the silver kings that made everything happen here. From here will travel up Spooner Summit and follow the rim of Lake Tahoe and down Kingsbury Grade through Genoa, the oldest settlement in Nevada, to the little farming town of Gardnerville, where will visit the Basque Country Club for a wonderful family style basque lunch consisting of homemade soup, basque bread, salad, beans, steaks, French fries and a Basque red wine to compliment your meal. Back to Reno by way of Washoe Valley. $55.00 per person. 90 maximum.

Thursday, 22 July 2010 THE OTHER SIDE OF RENO.
Walter Van Tilburg called Reno..’The City of Trembling leaves’. Clark Cable and Marilyn Monroe chose Reno as the appropriate place to film the ‘Misfits’ and Whoopie Goldberg fit right in as a nun dodging the bad guys as they chased her through a casino – in Reno….but the biggest little city in the world is more than casinos and hotels and movie locations, Reno has charming older homes, art galleries, educational and cultural spots to visit. We begin our tour by visiting the gracious old neighborhoods and the new residential ranch style homes that fringe the city. Our escorts are Nevadans who know all of the interesting stories about the birth of our casinos, why were one time the divorce capitol of the world and how we survived all of this and maintained the culture you will experience today. We will visit the oldest higher learning institution in the state, the University of Nevada…smaller boutique malls and art galleries. We will have a guided tour of the Wilbur May Museum and the National Automobile Museum – locales seldom seen by the average visitor to Reno…yes, today is a day to enjoy and experience “The Other Side of Reno.” $38.00 per person.


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