Turret Two
April 19, 1989 - 0955

 This page is dedicated strictly as a place to honor the lives of our fallen shipmates!

It is the policy of The Veteran's Association of the USS IOWA(BB-61) to HONOR our fallen shipmates, their families, and the ones that survived.  It is our goal to promote unity, healing, and forgiveness through the love EACH SAILOR felt for their beloved Battleship IOWA.

For an excellent story of the events from a personal standpoint. See the "Personal Accounts" selection on the "Turret #2 Info Page".

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Far from Home
Lord have mercy on our comrades who'll be knockin at your door,
They fell forever today, so look after them forever more.

They were just men with dreams all their own,
Doing the work of their country far from their home.

Lord please bless their souls, for it was not their choice you see,
Each had a job to do, but not one to take them to eternity

We are all simple men with dreams all of our own
Doing the work of our country far away from home.....

Jeffery M. Bellows, OS2(SW) - April 19, 1989
From "The IOWAN" - 20 April 1989 Volume IV, Number 13 (Ship's Newsletter)

Captain F.P. Moosaly's Memorial Services Speech

I remember turret two. I remember their faces as they toiled at their guns, sweating an honest sweat that comes from young men dedicated to a great cause. Who chose to serve, to grow, and to learn with others, while securing a place in history for generations after them. I remember their strong hands as they wielded their great charges with an energy I could marvel at. The energy of their youth which they channeled towards their love of freedom. I remember as they talked among themselves, looking so much like sailors of our past. Sharing the exuberance of the times and the dreams of the future. I REMEMBER TURRET TWO

They were the life, the spirit and the soul of our ship. They embodied the ideals of our history and the hope of a brighter tomorrow. They gave themselves to the goals we all share, and they made the ultimate sacrifice for us. We will not - nor can we ever forget the lessons they taught us.

The crew of IOWA shared much with turret two. We shared their enthusiasm. Their drive and their kindness. We worked side-by-side and shoulder-to-shoulder to build a team, a family, a common bond which can never be broken, and though they have left us in body, they will always remain with us.

We came together in times of trouble, we shared the good and the bad, the comedy, and now the tragedy. The grief we share with you - their families, is deep. But we must go on. FOR WE ARE THE CREW OF IOWA. Permanently fused, like the steel of the ship we sail. Our sides are strong, our towers high, and our course is set. WE ARE THE IOWA. A part of every rivet, every plank and every line. We are the ship. She breathes through us, and she lives as a part of us. As long as she sails the seas we will be a part of her. A part of the IOWA spirit. That spirit lives on - and the men of turret two will forever be a part of that living spirit!


The Navy Hymn

Eternal Father, Strong to save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bid'st the mighty Ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep;
O hear us when we cry to thee,
for those in peril on the sea.



This memorial plaque is set in marble and mounted on a stone pedestal at the water's edges of the Chesapeake Bay, a location where it is visible to all incoming and outgoing navy ships.

Picture courtesy of Wilson and Charlotte Farnsworth, Family of GMCS(SW) Ziegler

The following is a list of the turret two explosion casualties.

Crewmember's Name Rate/Rank Hometown
Tung Thanh Adams Fire Controlman 3rd class (FC3) Alexandria, VA
Robert Wallace Backherms Gunner's Mate 3rd class (GM3)(FC3) Ravenna, OH
Dwayne Collier Battle Electrician's Mate, Fireman Apprentice (EMFA) Rocky Mount, NC
Walter Scot Blakey Gunner's Mate 3rd class (GM3) Eaton Rapids, MI
Pete Edward Bopp Gunner's Mate 3rd class (GM3) Levittown, NY
Ramon Jarel Bradshaw Seaman Recruit (SR) Tampa, FL
Philip Edward Buch Lieutenant, Junior Grade (LTjg) Las Cruces, NM
Eric Ellis Casey Seaman Apprentice (SA) Mt. Airy, NC
John Peter Cramer Gunners Mate 2nd class (GM2) Uniontown, PA
Milton Francis Devaul Jr. Gunners Mate 3rd class (GM3) Solvay, NY
Leslie Allen Everhart Jr. Seaman Apprentice (SA) Cary, NC
Gary John Fisk Boatswains Mate 2nd class (BM2) Oneida, NY
Tyrone Dwayne Foley Seaman (SN) Bullard, TX
Robert James Gedeon III Seaman Apprentice (SA) Lakewood, OH
Brian Wayne Gendron Seaman Apprentice (SA) Madera, CA
John Leonard Goins Seaman Recruit (SR) Columbus, OH
David L. Hanson Electricians Mate 3rd class (EM3) Perkins, SD
Ernest Edward Hanyecz Gunners Mate 1st class (GM1) Bordentown, NJ
Clayton Michael Hartwig Gunners Mate 2nd class (GM2) Cleveland, OH
Michael William Helton Legalman 1st class (LN1) Louisville, KY
Scott Alan Holt Seaman Apprentice (SA) Fort Meyers, FL
Reginald L. Johnson Jr. Seaman Recruit (SR) Warrensville Heights, OH
Nathaniel Clifford Jones Jr. Seaman Apprentice (SA) Buffalo, NY
Brian Robert Jones Seaman (SN) Kennesaw, GA
Michael Shannon Justice Seaman (SN) Matewan, WV
Edward J. Kimble Seaman (SN) Ft. Stockton, TX
Richard E. Lawrence Gunners Mate 3rd class (GM3) Springfield, OH
Richard John Lewis Fire Controlman, Seaman Apprentice (FCSA) Northville, MI
Jose Luis Martinez Jr. Seaman Apprentice (SA) Hidalgo, TX
Todd Christopher McMullen Boatswains Mate 3rd class (BM3) Manheim, PA
Todd Edward Miller Seaman Recruit (SR) Ligonier, PA
Robert Kenneth Morrison Legalman 1st class (LN1) Jacksonville, FL
Otis Levance Moses Seaman (SN) Bridgeport, CN
Darin Andrew Ogden Gunners Mate 3rd class (GM3) Shelbyville, IN
Ricky Ronald Peterson Seaman (SN) Houston, MN
Mathew Ray Price Gunners Mate 3rd class (GM3) Burnside, PA
Harold Earl Romine Jr. Seaman Recruit (SR) Brandenton, FL
Geoffrey Scott Schelin Gunners Mate 3rd class (GMG3) Costa Mesa, CA
Heath Eugene Stillwagon Gunners Mate 3rd class (GM3) Connellsville, PA
Todd Thomas Tatham Seaman Recruit (SR) Wolcott, NY
Jack Ernest Thompson Gunners Mate 3rd class (GM3) Greeneville, TN
Stephen J. Welden Gunners Mate 2nd class (GM2) Yukon, OK
James Darrell White Gunners Mate 3rd class (GM3) Norwalk, CA
Rodney Maurice White Seaman Recruit (SR) Louisville, KY
Michael Robert Williams Boatswains Mate 2nd class (BM2) South Shore, KY
John Rodney Young Seaman (SN) Rockhill, SC
Reginald Owen Ziegler Senior Chief Gunners Mate (GMCS) Port Gibson, NY

I do NOT believe that this page should be a forum for discussion on why or how - reflect and remember where you were and what you were doing when you first heard the news.

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